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We Care About You

Our goal is simple. We want to help our customers Look Great, Feel Great and Be Great and do it in a way that is natural and supports a healthy lifestyle. We put your health first and our goal is to both inspire and educate you so that you can achieve or even exceed your wellness goals. We also want to support you through a combination of community and unmatched customer support.

Connect with others who are on the same journey as you are and leverage our knowledgeable customer service team to help you get the most from our products. We love and appreciate our customers. YOU are the reason our company was founded and in order for us to thrive, we understand that it is critical that our customers thrive.

With that in mind, putting the needs of our customers first separates Nourishing Well Nutritionals from other supplement companies. We’ve got your back.  

We Care About Quality

All of our products are manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility holding to the highest FDA and GMP guidelines in the USA and contain only the purest ingredients.

We ensure every compound created is verified and tested. Our manufacturing partner maintains a state of the art and fully equipped laboratory for best and quality results.

Mission Statement: Deliver the highest quality all natural nutritional supplements while inspiring, educating and providing unparalleled compassionate customer service.

Our Core Values:

  • Compassion
  • Sustainability
  • Education
  • Community
  • Results
Our Founder:

Fredric Schwartz has combined his love for nature, fitness and wellness with his entrepreneurial spirit to create Nourishing Well Nutritionals.

After college, he opted to start his own business buying and selling Native American Indian arts and crafts, which blossomed into a thriving fine art brokerage. A successful tenure buying and selling apparel at both the wholesale and retail levels followed this.

This lead to the creation of vayuwear, a sustainable line of yoga inspired athletic wear made in the USA from organic/sustainable materials. Fredric himself has been an avid runner for over 20+ years and an active yoga practitioner for 12+ years. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, he did a body transformation program called “Body for Life”. This was a 12-week fitness program that focused on diet and supplementation to completely transform ones physique.

Fredric turned the program into a two-year intensive and built not only a ripped physique, but the program also helped him form the basis for his interest in fitness, nutrition and supplementation. Creating a line of nutritional supplements was the culmination of all the business and personal activities that has preceded the company’s founding. According to Fredric, “The name of our company has a dual meaning.

First, the “Nourishing Well” is a place, the proverbial “Fountain of Youth” where abundant health and wellness are there for the taking. Second, we want our line to keep you “Well Nourished” giving your body what it needs to thrive and reach your full potential and all your health and wellness goals.”

Fredric is also very customer focused and you’ll find him personally handling calls and replying to emails to address his customer’s questions and concerns. This is what makes Nourishing Well Nutritionals a different kind of company. We combine sincerity and compassion with quality and value that is unmatched by our competitors.

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